Contact me today about managing your property!

Through a network of trusted partners and our own team, we are able to offer you comprehensive property management services to both traditional and vacation tenants. 


Perhaps you have decided to rent your home in the Twin Cities out, let our team handle cleaning, sheet changing, and more. If you decide on more traditional tenants, we handle rent collection, lawn/plowing, and more allowing your property to be truly absentee owned. 


Give us a call today at 651.246.6383 and learn how we can make your property work for you. 


Our traditional property management services include: rent collection, Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) services, tenant complaints, cleaning, marketing, lawn care, plowing, lease execution, minor maintenance, buying and selling, manager recruitment, public advocacy, project management.


Our vacation rental management services include: marketing, guest complaints, sheet services, cleaning, buying and selling, minor maintenance.